Welcome to OPMINES 2.0

By TheSmikkelBeer ownervip - Posted Jun 27, 18
I am glad to announce OPMines 2.0! This post will consist of all the information you need to know about the changes and new features that have been added! So sit back, relax, and be prepared for the ultimate new dawn of OPMines!
  • Donator ranks, and stuff will be reinstated
  • Updated to 1.8
  • All builds are brand new, a new spawn, new mines, new warps
  • Donator rank pickaxes have been greatly buffed
    • (buffed means made better, or increased)
  • Rank kit names are now more clean and better looking
  • Token enchantments have been added (/warp ts)
    • You can get tokens from (/vote) and by donating for them
  • The plot world has been updated, the new size of plots is now 33x33
    • There is also a new plot layout that looks much nicer
  • Drops to inventory has been fixed, we have a new plugin!
    • You are now able to do (/drops on:off)
    • Mob grinder drops have been fixed along with this
      • You can also sell your mob drops with (/shop)
  • Donator mines now have fortune blocks
    • Donator mines changed to clay colors
  • For nicknames the (~) tilde character has been removed (/nick)
  • Healthbars have been added to better your pvp experience
    • Nametags now display the players rank
  • Tab now shows your rank unless you are donator, then it shows a colored name
    • It also has been updated, and looks much nicer
  • The motd has been updated (/emotd)
  • Insane and up has (/nick <format>)
  • OPGod and up has (/nick <magic>)
  • Mcmmo has been nerfed and skills are now uncapped
  • There is now a virtual shop (/shop)
  • All announcements have been changed, and are much more informative
  • There is now no fall damage throughout the server
  • There are now 18 Prestiges
  • Prestige prices have been nerfed
    • [Free] prestige has been added after prestige 17
  • Sellall signs are now available in every mine
  • More drugs are now available
    • They can be accquired by (/vote) and sold via (/shop)
  • Prestige picks have been greatly buffed
    • (buffed means made better, or increased)
  • Free world has been reset and is now 2k x 2k
  • There are new crates along with CSGO style crates (/warp crates)
    • available with /buy
  • There is a new gang system used with (/g help)
    • Also allows the fighting of gangs with (/fight)
  • Voting rewards have been reworked and increased (/vote)
  • All new 1v1 plugin use (/duel)
  • Block rewards have been updated to money rewards (/blockrewards)
  • Everything has been optimized the fullest ability so lag should be very minimal
  • All bans, and unmutes will be resetting
  • Fun has been increased one thousand times, have fun :)